For your friend with the new home or your favorite homebody. Stay cosy with a tranquilitea or celebritea paired with two artisan mugs. Now you'll just have to wait for your invite over for some tea time. 

Winter Warmer

  • Each box is carefully hand packaged and wrapped with a handwritten note and no pricing information. Delivery available in the Perth metro area.

  • Teassential Tea Tube

    Your choice of two teas;

    Celebritea: A fusion of green tea and hibiscus with natural tangy berry favour. The crimson red just calls for celebration!

    Low in caffeine and loaded with herbs, this blend is packed with antioxidants to help fight off free radicals. Keep hunger and cravings at bay with green tea. The vivid colour is a product of the hibiscus, a naturally sweet-tasting ower well-known for its ability to help lower blood pressure.


    Tranquilitea: Relaxing green tea and calming chamomile. Catch a much-needed tranquil moment during that stressful day. Wind down with soothing chamomile. Enjoy the health benefits of lemongrass and red rose, and keep hunger and cravings at bay with green tea. Naturally low in caffeine, this blend is also packed with useful antioxidants, star anise and cinnamon .


    Maxwell and Williams- 2x Artisan Mugs

    Featuring a crackle-glazed finish, each piece has beautiful depth and its own unique characteristics - no two are the same. Made from durable stoneware, Artisan mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Your choice of;


    Grey - SOLD OUT

    Blush - SOLD OUT