About Us

We are Sophie and Nicole, co-founders and best friends.


That Friday Feeling was created while trying to find that perfect pressie.


Life is made up of so many moments and chances to make someones day. Whatever the reason- birthday, break-up, their big day or just because...


That Friday Feeling changes the way you feel about buying gifts.

You no longer have to spend all your time browsing stores and searching multiple websites then wondering if it would arrive ontime and if they're going to love it.

We love sourcing and supporting the most beautiful, locally handmade products from brands you love and brands you've never heard of. 

Our gifting experience is simple, fun & stress free with our pre-curated gift boxes - we promise!


Sending That Friday Feeling to the special people in your life (yes that includes yourself too) will give them (and you) just that... friday feeling.

S & N xx